Piracy: it is not clear to me why the owners of these ships or their cargoes don’t just eviscerate the buggers.

David Davis

Am I paranoid, or is “piracy” by a load of towelhead scumbags with pop-guns and lilos, being allowed for some reason? It does seem rather odd that in the 21st century (I still piss myself at the very idea of one!) huge metal ships bursting at the seams with crewmen (I assume they are men?) get held up, presumably in the full sight of toher ships, hijacked and emptied of people by a couple of thug-muggers on a rubber ring, with what amounts to an airgun.

Are these buggers friendly with fake charities? Are their Khalashnikovs paid for by “Chrisdaia Nit”, for example, or “people not profit”? Or even Gordon Brown? I do not know. I think we ought to be told.

Has nobody heard of the British East India Company? Of course, it was really a fascist monopolistic “public-private-prtnership”, fully in bed with the State in most aspects of its operation, but it did manage to mostly protect its ships and employees from attack, most of the time. I wonder what the employers are doing about this modern matter, and what their insurers say?

I note that The LandedUnderclass wondered about this same problem a little while ago.

Pirates: Join the Navy, travel to faraway places, meet bad and uninteresting people in rubber boats with guns, and kill them

David Davis

This story shows that there is no point in The West trying to pretend that “pirates” need to be “negotiated with”. A US boat turned up, and it was all over.

The place for pirates is the ocean bottom, while still alive, just (for a little time) with a lead weight tied to their feet, and no oxygen cylinder.

PIRACY: big discussion going on at Defencetech

David Davis

Isn’t it nice NOT to have to talk about the BNP membership list any more! Lancaster Unity is miking it for all it’s worth. I guess they have “nothing useful to say about anything”, as Duncan Money said about me, in his comment on this posting. (Of ours.) We’ll send you some traffic, Duncan, old chap, there you are, we’ll paternalistically toss you a penny as we pass.

But if you go here, hat-tipped by Samizdata, it’s quite illuminating what people think and why nothing much apprears to be being done. It’s a “Human Rights” problem, apparently. Hmmmmm…………..

Pirates are a problem, caused by Global Climate Change. If you go there, then you will see why. The “precautionary principle” of course shows why we really all ought to reduce our “carbon footprint”, and only burn chicken shit, in order to eliminate piracy.

As Auberon Waugh would say: “I am not suggesting that we should all shoot all pirates on sight, but it may help to reducde the problem”.

Pirates, piracy and the Royal Navy: yet socialists who worship failed states still protest that order is the mother of liberty.

David Davis

We did pick this up earlier, but I think a hat tip to The Remittance Man is in order, and for a nice photo too, in the ship-pron category. I didn’t know we still had any (ships, that is.)

If late, then at least someone’s doing something about these irritating little squirts. If libertarianism means something concrete, then it’s about, as we always say, the enjoyment of someone’s life, liberty and justly-gained property, without let or hindrance by another. Property I guess means goods moving on the High Seas too.

People forget that the Navy’s main task, for centuries, has been the control or elimination of piracy and the same too, for nearly 200 years, regarding slavery. The world should apologise to BRITAIN for (continuing) slavery (after we were the first to make it illegal) including some modern countries I could mention, and not the other way about.

It’s not clear to me why pirates, having been identified, have to be “stopped” at all. They can just be killed, dismembered for the sharks to have an easier task, and left as an example to “encourage the others”.

Warming to my recurrent theme of what a Libertarian State (still a tautology I fear) would or might do in the defence department, for itself and for others: I think that its taxpayers, if consulted as they would have to be, might go for a fairly efficient Blue-water-Navy as a thing they’d pay for. This might even be profitable, since the insurers of traffic for other States might be prepared to pay it to operate, if nobody else will.

And this is quite cool:-

PIRATES: the Royal Navy has spent 200+ years scragging these guys, and now look what heppens.

David Davis

Now look.

(1) Find your priates by looking in the oceans where they hang about hurting people, using your superior radar and your airborne reconnaissance.

(2) Notify the UN of your intention to colse down, not only the Pirates’ country of origin, but all other countries whose UN representatives do not immediately abase themselves before your Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in London, promising to use their own entire resources to help the RN dismember the buggers.

(3) Arrest on the high Seas and slow/stop, by gunfire, the pirate vessels.

(4) Machine-gun all pirates who jump into the water, on either side of their boat. Don’t bother to check, God will know His Own, and your action will discourage other would-be-teenage-pirates.

(5) Arrest all surviving pirates.

(6) Attach 56-lb weights to the bound feet of said living pirates, fully-conscious if possible and not having accidentally fallen against too many hard objects in the ship while being questioned, and shuffle them in a line over the gunwale, while at sea.

(7) Look for more pirates. Do same.

(8) Do the same thing to slave-ships, but release the slaves first. Return dead bodies of slavers publicly to originating countries, mostly bordering the Indian Ocean or the Tropical African Atlantic, while putting videos of (your) execution of said slavers on Youtube.

But first, you need a Blue-Water-Navy.

Then there will be fewer pirates, whether from Somalia or elsewhere. (Come on guys. Somalian pirates can’t be much cop, surely? I mean, it’s a nothing-place, full of socialists and western young doo-gooders, who’ll wet their pants at the first sight of a gun (never seen one probably)….)