More data, more data….

David Davis

I was going to get to this but Jonathan Pearce of Samizdata has summed the facts up sufficiently clearly already. How long before nobody at all can get any kind of job, anywhere, without one of these Blauscheine? Of course, link conditional acceptance to being clear of today’s equivalent of Witchcraft – even of allegations of Witchraft! – and you’ve got the whole people…in your hands. Sorted.

Drivers + Police + Cameras + Number plates = data “for five years”

This is almost as scary as ID cards.

Suuposedly, the “illegal use of motor vehicles” is connected with “other types of serious crime”.

Well, how are the poor criminals, mostly male too and thus otherwise disadvantaged in extra ways, and so lovingly created by the British State socialist Schools system (ought I to call it the BSSSS?) to get about? How else can they go about, to do all the crimes that the State so needs to happen – especially now that there are so many more acts which are crimes? -Look, “targets” need to be “achieved” here, and “services” need to be “delivered”! This is so its army of bureaucrats can have more to justify its existence!

I may be naive, but I didn’t think that the Police merely wanted to sit in warm offices staring at computer data abour car number plates on the move. They always tell us that they “want to be out on the beat”. Or were they lying?

Sean Gabb and new multimedia files. Guy Herbert of No2Id, TODAY; George Galloway MP, 7th Feb 2008; Teresa Gorman MP (in 1991)

On Thursday the 7th February, Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian
Alliance, joined with Guy Herbert of No2Id and George Edwards to put the
case against identity cards. Here is a video of the event:

On Saturday the 10th February, Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian
Alliance, discussed the New Labour Police State with George Galloway MP.
Here is an audio recording of the discussion:

on the 30th November 1991, the Libertarian Alliance held a one day
conference on the rights of children. Among those speaking was Teresa
Gorman MP. Here is a video of the event:

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