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“RAMBLERS”, walkers, theft of property by government. I’ve thought of a solution which will please all lefties.

David Davis

Earlier, we wrote here about the State Plan to steal nationalise open for all to enjoy, a 10-metere-wide strip of coastline all round the British Isles. (Bet they won’t include Ireland.)

I have thought about hbow to deal with this, so as to satisfy the nazis RSPCA and the Gramsco-Marxian anti-farming-brigade the Greens.

In return for their property being stolen opened for the outdoor enjoyment of all, people who have been defrauded have willingly handed over their property rights will be allowed to breed or sponsor the introduction of wild bears, wild wolves, pumas and fierce predatory dogs, or other large vertebrate predators that they might care to specify, which will be allowed at all times to live freely in the “zone”.

I presume it will be fenced?

Otherwise, how will the “ramblers”  know where their ill-gotten gains end, and real human beings’ property begins?



David Davis

Newport City, of whom I have just become aware (good blog) has a thingy-watsit on quangos, those boondoggle-junketing ways in which stalinists money-launder taxation-receipts out of the system, towards themselves personally, without the dosh actually having had to do anything even vaguely useful on the way.

You could say it’s a kind of streamlining of the Stalino-Fascist system, according to the conclusions of “management” “consultants”. It accelerates money, faster down its conentration gradient, while also widening the channel for it to fall down (into the pit of nothingness) and also while causing it NOT to be diverted into channels labelled things such as “education”, “health”, “infrastructure projects”, and the like.

The post referred to states 61 pages of quangos. I recall that Michael Ivens, in the early 80s or late 70s, produced a similar document, but I can’t find my copy.

Also there are no wiki refs to Michael Ivens or Aims of Industry. Anybody want to write some?