Learn why the Enemy Class needs the rest of us

David Davis

CountingCats has an intersting analysis of the private-jet needs of pop singers and film stars.

Is it the music and lights that make a human being get like that…. or is it certain kinds of human beiong that go green “a priori” and then go under hot lights and loud music?

Either way, it’s an interesting pathology that ought to be investigated.

These are not the kind of people who ought to rule popular culture

Certainly not these.

David Davis

I;ve seen a ghost

Sorry: the fellow is just beyond the bounds of ridiculosity – he does not even quite qualify as a properly-self-regarding prat.

His wife, bless the poor love, even jets around the planet saving it, while burning paraffin by the ton.

Science confirms enviromoonbat hypocrisy…”I’m all right Jack, I’m pulling up the ladder, and f*** you.”

David Davis

Hat tip Moonbattery.

For example, Trudie Styler, the wife (no harm in that) of a “pop singer” (no harm in being that either, except for the name of the pop group) flies round the world with an entourage, (in “Jet” “Planes”, I must presume – it would be sweaty, or freezing, and too long, to to go in a Dakota I think, and the toilet would leave something to be desired) defending rain forests against global warming and stuff.

But I liked what “Sting” said about things in his life in the Sydney Morning Herald. I hope he believes it.