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A bit busy today.

David Davis

Not time to think about what sensible and topical stuff to write…so I may just broadcast some music later. Or possibly the expanding young writers will just weaponise another dustbin for you lot. Wish they’d do a proper socialist wheelie-bin.

Most shattering news of the day.

David Davis

Have under-worked, under-terrified busybodies got nothing better to do with their days, than complain to grocers about the dates on foodstuffs?

They should have lived in the 1940s and 50s. they’d have been lucky to have anything, they’d have had to queue, there were no carrier bags, there was rationing, and shops were closed at the hours you most wanted them.

Bugger them, for a start.

Under the baleful influence of the Wireless Tele Vision, many people have grown too fond of reacting to -negligible levels of stress, as advocated by the glossy-slebmag format of most ” Pro¬† Grammes “. there are worse troubles to assail them – such as the threats to their liberty – unless they have forgotten already that they ought to have some of the stuff.