Bet you 50p, that the NUS does _not_ have a “Men’s Officer”

UPDATE! I have worked out what is going on. It is a BBC/Enemy-Class project to destroy the University of Buckingham. To me, images of the fire in the Reichstag come to mind.

For foreign readers in free nations such as China, Buckingham University is the only UK University which is not funded by the State (not even partly, so there!)

David Davis

I may say more about this later, if I can think of something suitably humorous.

If memory serves me still, one Don, who taught me quite a bit, I think said once over a good High-Table dinner, “one isn’t supposed to f*** the women students, but it does go on a bit now and then”.

Here’s the original Times Higher Ed Supp article, so you can see exactly where and why Prof Kealey’s remarks were deliberately taken out of context.

You’d not like to know what I left behind

David Davis

I’m not sure why it makes news that students leave stuff behind in their “halls” of residence. (We didn’t live in “halls”, but in “rooms” in college: it makes more sense surely…)

But as far as I know, my tea set of Woolworths cheapo-china  is at the bottom of a certain lake, in the grounds of a certain college: I sort of know what general part in which to look, in the event that anyone’s interested in a dredge. It probably could still be found 39 years later. Why it’s there and not in my possession is a long story: best not go there.

Oh and a plasticine model of Stonehenge, to about 1/76 scale***. And an Optikit light-box and power-supply to demonstrate the solar and lunar alignments.  I left it after my second-year in 16-2, it would have been squashed in my mum’s car on top of the rest of the stuff. Perhaps the cleaners threw it out, prhaps not.

***Whhich is to say, about 4mm to the foot…

The most pretentious, inconsequential twaddle that you shall read all week is…


David Davis

How can one get a job, for example, as a “trainee economic consultant” – and no, I did  __not__  make that up – as a “graduate”, straight out of “uni”? (It’s where I presume he came from?)

The idea of training to be a consultant is surely tautological.

I’m quite sure that I do not need to explain that remark.

A libertarian society may possibly have niches in which like-minded-people can dress up as consultants, and pretend to extract very very large, standard-form-quantities of money from passers-by, as “fees”, at fairgrounds and church fêtes and village-parades/carnivals and the like.

But I’m not sure there’d be very much room for these in the coal-face-sections of a civilisation.

Collectivism kills, or tries to, but some things live on

David Davis

THe following picture is of “The Hitler-Cactus”. We call it that for reasons which shall become known. It is a variety of epiphyllum, I don’t know which one, because my old-fella died ten years ago and so it’s hard to ask him right now.


Survived 1930s students, the Blitz, a London windowbox.....

Survived 1930s students, the Blitz, a London windowbox.....



My father got it as a boy, from a botanist who’d been to South America in the 1920s. It was probably already old then. it lived in his house at “5 banbury Road, Hackney, London E9” in the greenhous in the yard. In 1940 the house was vapourised along with the greenhouse (nobody was hurt, they were all in the Anderson shelter and my father was somewhere in Palestine with the British 9th Army. [Ever heard of that one? It did some interesting things. So did he – he was mentioned in dispatches for “continuing to conduct a malarial-mosquito-survey, while under enemy fire”…]  Honestly, if it wasn’t true, you could not make this stuff up…)

All that survived was a frond of leaf, rather lacerated, picked up in the rubble by my grandfather. it survived and regrew, and became the vegetative father of this plant in the picture, which is now about 67 years old, we are not exactly certain.

All my father’s orchids and strange south American climbing thingies, which he’d collected while a boy and a student, perished in the blast, but not this.

Neither this one, nor its “father”, ever flowered for us in London, not once. Nada. Zilch. Zero. not for us, not for my old man.

But in Lancashire, it does this every April (see above!) And we even keep it outside most of the year, and often forget to bring it in before the first frosts in November, by which time it’s got a bit scorched.

There is always hope, comrades. If humble cacti can survive all that leftwing collectivism can try to force upon thinking humans, then we can, indeed ought to, get through what is to come.

I’ve put it on now, because Sean Gabb will miss one of its best flowering-episodes otherwise.

And if socialism finally destroys civilisation, perhaps we will be able to grow this stuff and eat it: it might taste like runner-beans. I will have to do some experiments.

The Shadows on Thursday

David Davis

We may regret the coming Endarkening, and feel powerless to do much about the buggers who assail out liberty at every turn. But Western Civilisation has left an enormaous and unexcelled Canon: of giant science and engineering, immortal literature, unassailable philosophy, and shit-hot music.

The devil may have had all the best flags and uniforms, so as to reduce sovereign individuals to multiply-directed automata, who would then do his will, while thinking it was their own.

But who the f*** cares, when we can do this to his face, on a blog?

That's better, that's more like it, see if you can pick up  a St Hilda's chick while wearing that.

That's better, that's more like it, see if you can pick up a St Hilda's chick while wearing that.

And the “dangerous Marxist twaddle award of the day” goes to….

The Gramsco-Eagletonian “student activist and welfare wing” of these people, who were spotted in the toilets by Obnoxio the Clown.

Some of this pretentious tripe just has to be quoted. Sorry:-

A row has broken out at the University of Manchester after its students’ union toilets were “de-gendered”.

Temporary signs have made the “ladies” simply “toilets”, while the “gents” have become “toilets with urinals”…


……the student union said it was needed to tackle transphobia.


Welfare officer Jennie Killip told the BBC: “If you were born female, still present quite feminine, but define as a man you should be able to go into the men’s toilets – if that’s how you define.

“You don’t necessarily have had to have gender reassignment surgery, but you could just define yourself as a man, feel very masculine in yourself, feel that in fact being a woman is not who you are.”

And what’s the place doing with “35,000” students anyway? I thought it was a University, not a small city. Mine had about 10,000 when I was up, and we thought that was big – alhough it was moderated somewhat by us being parcelled out to various august institutions for living and drinking and shagging socialising purposes.

Of course, a strictly libertarian stance might be taken that one can “feel that one is” [the buggers use “define as” : gosh what a two-edged sword the English Lanuage is] whichever sex one likes to be. Except that if you are a man but “define as” (I never heard that before! What lovely, lovely, priceless twaddle! ) a woman, you can’t be f****d: and I guess if you are a woman but you “define as” a woman, you’re about as much use to your “partner” [who I presume “defines as” a woman, and whom you can’t f**k either] as a one-legged man at an arse-kicking-party.

Right: we’ve thrown smelly squashed tomatoes and bad eggs at the fascist lefties…now comes the philosophy bit:-

Problems would arise though when it comes to behaving in ways that have evolved largely by consent, such as what toilets one ought to go in. Segregated toilets (which is to say, in public spaces and places with public character like offices and factories etc, as opposed to family homes) are really a voluntary product of “Free Institutions”, and have probably always existed in some form.

Perhaps feminazi-toiletwatch is another assault-tactic on the existence of free institutions, and these  “trans” people (who ought to be receiving boisterous assistance and lots of free alcohol from their mates instead of being encouraged to parade their particular hangups) are merely a stalking-horse for the erasure of more of ordinary Western civilisation.

I wonder what the good burghers of Manchester make of it?

Come to think of it…..two “lesbians” wanting a pee:- which one goes into the Men’s, and how can we tell?