When God decided we should dive, He Gave us Sumbarines

Michael Winning

I can never figure out why people need to do this sort of thing.

Specially in the hyper-dangerous waters that seem to surround Australia (bless it, full of poisonous creatures too) perhaps in a vain attempt by God to keep leftists out (it’s failed.)

At least DEFRA bureaucrats are big enough to see and get caught on my fences, and can’t yet sting me to detha.

really really serious and important non-Marxist stuff, honest, guv.

David Davis

Here. Or, you could think about this less important suff, here, about “Bond” “girls”, whatever they might be. Apparently, they are “feminist” icons. (you could have fooled me, then.)

Or, this rather latish but brave stuff about someone who tried to blow up a German battleship in the war. Probably more interesting all round. He thought it was “so pretty” and a shame to trash it – good chap.