Inside the Today Programme

I often wondered about these buggers. Stopped listening to them about 35 years ago, when it was starting to get excitingly Gramsc0Fabian and they were eulogising Traitor Ted. Voted “yes” in the “Common Market” referendum in 1975: can’t think what must have come over me, or what I’d perhaps been smoking….but them we were with hindsight always being bamboozled and misled about the EuReich….

Traitor Ted, Traitor Ted! Glad you’re dead, you sodding red…

(I’ll think of the rest of this ruthless rhyme sometime later today, or perhaps tomorrow.

My compliments to Guido for finding the video first.

Evil bastard bureaucrats

David Davis

This is what happens when you corrupt, into bureaucracy, people from the home of liberty. They become monstrous inversions of Good – far, far worse and far, far more evilly-motivated in subtle ways, than their counterparts from less institutionally-free nations.

One wonders what might have happened to the British Civil Service in 1940 had things gone another way. Enthusiastic collaboration, I have no doubt.

Here’s how Fido the Dog analyses the scumbag Nazis bureaucrats who ought to know better, h/t The Landed Underclass. Either Red Traitor Ted Heath liked us or he did not. I think not. It’s a moot point what he liked, except choirboys and himself.