This has got to be a fabricated wind-up…

David Davis

This is…..

…Either created in-house, to artificially boil the blood of retired colonels, so the journo has something to say to the News Editor about having got “initiative-driven results” and being “pro-active” in news-gathering….

…Or it’s been placed by the Enemy Class, is also a fabrication, and is intended to make us all feel that the “State needs to take more control”.

Go down to our POLL about the motivations and intentions of the British Political Class, here.

Great move, socialists! how to increase “binge-drinking”, and the volume of secondary crime, in one hit!

David Davis


Not only do these people not care what human beings think or how they actually behave: they also conform to the dictum of :-

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, the solution to every problem has got to be a nail.”

I can see corner-shops and off-licences being broken-into or held up not just for cigarettes, but now for beer and alcopops too. Great move, Zanu-Laborg!

“Fourth-higest rate of binge-drinking among under-15s in Europe…” yeah, that’s a real real problem, to be solved by some more draconian measures. Yeh. How about building a couple of frigates, or some anti-missile defences instead? (But no, that would have some positive results…)