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Perfect teeth, yellow cabs, and take-outs

David Davis

Have these people realised that these shows may be on, because it’s what British children want to watch?

The MSM providers are not a perfect undistorted market: far from it. But they perhaps more nearly reflect what our youth wants in their programming than does, say, the BBC for what (it thinks) adults want.

Personally, I’d rather there were many more factual science, history and engineering programmes. That’ll also do more to “empower the women of tomorrow’s Young Country” than any amount of Disney child-hotel-soaps, or multiculti-Noddy.

Toby Young speaks sense about “Big Brother”

David Davis

Here you go.

I don’t think there’d be such a thing a a Libertarian State Broadcasting channel. The BBC would have to go first anyway, as punishment: then, we might take a look and see, but I doubt that we’d institute another similar thing.

But if there was, it would probably not do stuff like “BB”, whatever that might be. If something like “BB” was produced on commercial channels (“BB” may be an ITV programme for all I know – I have no clue either way) then there may be room for it, but I expect that with the rapid spread of liberal classical education such offerings of ritual public humiliation [I have just been advised by a student what “BB” is] would disappear fairly fast, like in about five years.

Ritual public humiliation: one of the staple decomposition-programmes, of GramscoFabiaNazis…

David Davis

First, persuade Teh Masses (which you have de-educated on purpose, by ruining the schools and then saying that Television is all that matters) that it is harmless fun. You do this by paying fingered and bribed members of the Enemy-Class to partake in simulations using insects etc. Then set up proper Stalinist Show-Trials, for those whom you really fear and want dead.

Aztecs knew what to do with celebrities. We are not only the same and no better, but our “masters” use them to further degrade us as a people.

As to GramscoFabiaNazis: Antonio Gramsci was a dietician, like Tony Blair: whereas Lenin, Pol Pot, Hugo Chavez (who has just died) Marx, Stalin and Hitler and Gordon Brown were all force-feeders. I am labasted here sometimes for use of the GFN term. I do no eschew the tactics of Gramsci – we ought to learn from them, pick them up, and use them to utterly overturn, for all time and for ever, the works of today’s British GFN Enemy-Class. Then, safe for a little time behind our waters, we can turn to the rest of the world that is currently enslaved, which is for all practical purposes all of it.

All over again. All still to do: what a waste of eight or ten, or twelve or twenty generations of Men. And, with hindsight, how deliberate was the plan to prevent that, and how astonishingly blind we have been, to not see it.

Our sovereign-space-miners and asteroidal-mineral-traders, and JovoSaturnian-Lunar-resource-extractors, whom we could have had by now, are nowhere to be seen. They might have been  prospecting for methane, water, Iridium, Gold and diamonds to just play with as Woolworths-jewellery-for-kiddies’-parties-and-goody-bags,more  Tungsten for proper light bulbs, and the like, could be At The Stars, by now.

Andrew Marr’s trousers removed by Charles Moore

Update, Andrew Marr replies in the DT.

Michael Winning

Good one Charlie! Go bite the bastard in the ankkle!

But it’s a shame, Charlie my old fellow, that you have got things so wrong about cameron, who is not going to do diddly-squat about the EU, hes just said so.

The Boss=man is right, we shall now just have to start attacking the terrible Tories, I think I’ll make it my special business to do that from here on.

Wireless Tele Vision: uses and abuses thereof

David Davis

I am pleased to see the return of The Landed Underclass, after various unproductive and confusing encounters with the denizens of the NHS.

A particular passag of his concerning what is an intrinsically harmless machine – in just the same way as a gun – is worth resyndicating:-

My firm and established belief is that the evil from which it is most important that the people be liberated is that of television (not the technology itself, which apart from its well-known hypnotic quality is relatively harmless, but its application by the forces of darkness).

I have become increasingly challenging and confrontational about this. People always agree with me that television is moronic, manipulative and pernicious, but then they say “Ah, but it’s the kids, you see.”

To which I habitually reply “Ah, yes. Were you even to suggest ‘deprivation-of-television abuse’ they’d report you to Esther Rantzen on the spot, wouldn’t they?”

One would expect any decent parent to react quite firmly to this sort of thing, but in fact they usually just shrug their shoulders and say “You’re not wrong there, mate.”

The problem is that a certain kind of droid has purposefully taken over the control of “programme content”, at the same time as other similar droids have fabricated an education system in which people learn that the delivered TV content is the correct kind: thus the terms of discourse are tectonically shifted in favour of GramscoFabiaNazism.

More later maybe.

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