What is the point of this gesture?

David Davis

UPDATE1:- I see that The Last Ditch spotted this mountebankery too. I wasn’t the only one then.

There you are. I will now be accused of being a “holocaust-denier”.

But the buildings and museum-environment that remains there is memorial enough. Blasted poser Gordon Brown, the sub-prime-mentalist, is unhinged and deluded by his grand tour fo the world, and has to make some pointless gesture.

What the hell use is _yet another_ attachment to the Auschwitz complex, either to the Lost Dead, or to We The Living?

We all _know_ what caused this tragedy. Collectivism. Let’s just help the case by _not spending and more money_ on GramscoFabiaNazi professors in Universities, OK?

Here’s a couple of socialists, pretending in publlic to show anguish over the wicked murderous deeds of some other socialists….perhaps “lessons had needed to be learned”…why ever do we all put up with the mountebankian nonsense?


A good day to bury bad news

A good day to bury bad news

I agree (with him)

David Davis

I don’t like it either. but I guess so long as the use of broadcast (or narrowcast) media is to be “free” (yes we all know it’s not really) then in this imperfect world we have to accept that our mousepointers wil get taken over from time to time, temporarily, and with some redress after a few seconds. We don’t all have to rush out and buy a Mercedes or whatever.

It’s marginally less bad than Sauron hijacking your Palantir.

And here’s an interesting book recommended by the The Last Ditch. Nothing to do with the above opinion. Just stuck it on here to save doing another separate post which it does not really warrant yet.