Ahhhh…..the opposing forces are lining up now…

Michael Winning

Never heard of the National Secular Society, myself. Could it be something to do with the socialists? And why protest? Do they want to force everything to be secualr all the time everywhere?

The Queen cares more about being “Head of a Church” than…

…looking after her Subjects’ sovereignty.

David Davis

This actually upset me as well as making me realise that the Queen must have deliberately given assent to things like ROME, the SEA, Maastricht, Nice and Lisbon.

If a “Senior Adviser” to the Queen has asked for a meeting with the Asse-Hatte “Rowan” Williams”, then it must mean that the Queen asked for it to take place.

The Pope is perfectly entitled to try and “poach” “Anglicans” from England into the Universal Church, if he can. He’s a classic aggressive campaigning battling Christian Pope of the Old School, and good luck to him: he’s also fun to watch, and smiles often, which makes you want to like him as a person.You can imagine him on a destrier, in full armour, wielding his flanged mace (so as not to shed blood while killing) in the middle of the Battle of Hastings.

Equally, by sovereign constitutional precedent and settlement, the Queen as the Anglican Boss is entitled to try and hold on to her “farm animals”. She might also care to think about defending our liberties sometimes. But what she’s clearly doing right now is a harmless game that has no bearing on how we real individuals live our lives, which are our own: this is one of the few real comforts available to us in a darkening and less free world.

But the Queen – rather than get exercised about playing harmless games – ought to have spent most of the last 50 years resisting far far more dangerous and important threats, both to our status and hers: such as the encroachment of the fascist EU upon especially and in particular British Sovereignty – no?

I like this chappy’s cynicism

David Davis

It’s probably because he’s Czech, or perhaps it’s despite that instead.

I have spent, some years ago, quite a long cumulative time in his country, probably more than anywhere else except here. And I found the Czechs, particularly the South-Moravians (whose accent and dialect I learned to fool people in Prague with) to be charmingly romantic, but maybe it was just the all-pervading afterglow of joy at being released from the Stalinist Jackboot.

Not the real Endarkenment, then…

David Davis

Poor, sad, tormented Prince Charles is at it again: not actually the Green Custard, but the blathering on about “climate change”, this time in front of the Pope.

Oh, the irony! The fulfilment of his wish will bring about precisely what he fears. Really, the world is upside down.

And why do women persist in covering their heads in fromt of the Pope? It just plays into the hands of certain pre-capitalist tribalisms, and shoots us all in the foot.

Gordon Brown tries to deflect attention from pre-failed G20 summit, by rearranging the Titanic’s deckchairs.

David Davis

Andrew Roberts, a sharp historian, thinks this is all a smokescreen, although quite important. Post-Enemy-Class-Politics (after the end of repressive and expensive hegemony by the GramscoFabiaNaziLeft) could mean that, in a libertarian polity (a long way off) we might have an hereditary head of State (possible and not inconceivable.)

_IF_ (a biggish “if”) that person was to be “head of The Church of England”, then there would be certain constitutional difficulties regarding sovereignty disputes with the Pope. These were resloved, not to the Popes’ likings, almost 500 years ago. Roberts’ articel does deserve a full read.

And  _IF_  you are bored to tears with that, here’s some nice Hubble images. Shame about the trendy Cubased music:-

I am utterly convinced that deep space does not sound like that at all.

But here’s the Sound of The Sun:-

Urgent message to Pope: DON’T COME!! – Gordon Brown’s imprimatur is the kiss of death!

Update:- Sensible Pope….heeded the Libertarian Alliance’s advice!

David Davis

Gordon Brown has apparently invited poor unwitting Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI to Britain. Since everything that Brown touches turns to dust and ashes, including the UK economy, the Libertarian Alliance urges the Pope NOT TO ACCEPT the invitation to come to Britain. It is not any more a Christian country in any regular sense anyway, so why bother?

Despite him being the Vicar of Christ, the Pope turning up here can’t save us from the ZanuLieborg Hell we are now in: only we can.

OI !!!! Pope!

Can you hear us?

Please don’t come: save yourself for Brazil or Zimbabwe where you’ll be safer or somewhere, that needs you more. Something bad will happen to the Catholic Church, or you might die of MRSA (don’t kiss the “health” “secretary” at all) or “Jacqui” “Smith” might want to scan you on video at the airport.