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The unbearable strangeness of being…..

…..alive right now.

David Davis

At least, these days it is. This poll renders a rather peculiar result. No, I won’t say anything else, or I might hurt myself.

mEUre abEUt the EU, and the position of hEUr mEUjesty the quEUn

I came across this letter earlier. it won’t make any difference of course, and i’m sure the writer and his blogosphere all knew that: it would just make them feel a little bit better for a day or two. The time for pointing out in a civilised manner to otherwise-civilised heads of state with no power, and the crazed Stalinist mountebanks which are currently manipulating them, is past.

David Davis

It’s quite good and to the point. Why indeed did the Queen (should she, perhaps,¬†be a quEUn now?) have to assent the Lisbon Treaty into law so fast? Was she told something we were not? Or was a gun put to the head of William’s chances of “succession” (succession to…what?)

From: britsattheirbest@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 8:15 AM

This is the letter I sent to the Queen yesterday.


I was surprised that Your Majesty gave your Royal Assent to the Lisbon treaty bill so hurriedly.

When Your Majesty swore the Coronation Oath in 1953 before God and nation, Your Majesty pledged to defend our laws and customs. This is because Your Majesty is a constitutional monarch and part of that constitution is the Coronation Oath. Consequently Your Majesty has a constitutional duty to defend our laws.

The Lisbon treaty is a very contentious issue. Your Majesty must know from all the letters and postcards and from reading the newspapers that there is informed and passionate opposition to it across the nation. Your Majesty must also be aware that all three political parties promised a referendum on the EU constitution, which is virtually identical to the Lisbon treaty. Furthermore, I am sure that Your Majesty was told that Stuart Wheeler had challenged Your Majesty’s government over not providing the promised referendum, and that High Court judgment had not yet been given.

No matter what Your Majesty may have been told, the Lisbon treaty will take away the last vestiges of Britain’s sovereignty. Many of us had thought that under these circumstances Your Majesty would have taken the Coronation Oath seriously and would have refused assent to the treaty, or at least have delayed giving assent. That is Your Majesty’s constitutional right and duty and would have defended the people’s constitutional liberties. That you have not done so sabotages not only our freedoms but Your Majesty’s right to serve us.

Hitherto I have been a loyal subject and a great admirer of Your
Majesty’s grace and fortitude. Your Majesty’s action has placed me in an¬†untenable position. I cannot be either loyal to or a subject of a

constitutional monarch who has contributed to the destruction of the constitution which she swore to defend, and which is the Sovereign’s source of legitimacy and purpose.

I am sincerely yours,
David Abbott
Kingsmere Meadow
Winchester S021 2BL
HRH The Prince of Wales
HRH Prince William

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