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The Prime Minister and the grieving mother: This story worries me

David Davis

Although no possible number of Prime-Ministerial calls (and from a New Labour one they’d have to be very many) can make up for the loss of a child, I am in two minds about the rightness of the Murdoch Tabloids in going postal with Mrs James’ pre-recoreded transcript of her conversation with Gordon Brown. You can read it on Guido of course here, for what we here want is the utter demolition and erazement of GramscoFabiaNazi administrations in the UK for all time and for ever.

But, I note that the PM is partially blind, probably has not written a letter by hand for many years, and is actually a PoliticoGeek. He is not a real human being, he probably has forgotten how to spell, and has certainly forgotten how to write letters personally to people: this is since Fascist-left-policy-engenderers must have no personal feeling for anyone, anywhere, ever. They are “movers-and-shakers” – it is their term, they and their “PR” hangers-on in the 1980s invented it, and they will come to be lynched by it in the end-times.

We shall think about the delights of moving them about, perhaps from Westminster to other places, and then we shall think a little bit about shaking them, perhaps on the end of a piece of piano-wire, or string if that’s what’s allowed by health and safety, until they are dead. Then we may, or may not, eat them. That depends on whether they have caused us to starve, freezing in the dark, by then, or not. Thinking about eating them is what they would call a “real-time tactical proactive option”.

That said in Gordon’s defence, and then thinking about our war against GFNs, I think it’s perfectly fair to use all available underhand means to destroy and utterly discredit and mudsling this bastard administration, out of existence.

Gordon Brown tries to deflect attention from pre-failed G20 summit, by rearranging the Titanic’s deckchairs.

David Davis

Andrew Roberts, a sharp historian, thinks this is all a smokescreen, although quite important. Post-Enemy-Class-Politics (after the end of repressive and expensive hegemony by the GramscoFabiaNaziLeft) could mean that, in a libertarian polity (a long way off) we might have an hereditary head of State (possible and not inconceivable.)

_IF_ (a biggish “if”) that person was to be “head of The Church of England”, then there would be certain constitutional difficulties regarding sovereignty disputes with the Pope. These were resloved, not to the Popes’ likings, almost 500 years ago. Roberts’ articel does deserve a full read.

And  _IF_  you are bored to tears with that, here’s some nice Hubble images. Shame about the trendy Cubased music:-

I am utterly convinced that deep space does not sound like that at all.

But here’s the Sound of The Sun:-

BBC TV licensing tax threats Nazis Charles Moore Ghandi liberty poor people

David Davis

I had never thought I’d see Ghandi as a hero, but if you take one act he did in context (rejecting the Salt Tax) then Guido is totally right that the TV License “Fee” is an unjust and forcible protection of a state-monopoly, and is against the interests of everyone. It is even against the interests of talented tV producers, programme-makers and technicians, many of whom could probably be better employed in other broadcasters, or even totally outside the industry!

Here, you can go sign the NO to TV licensing thingy.

Here also is their blog.

Charles Moore has been going on about this terrible, evil thing for some time – at least three years to my certain knowledge. Now that momentum has been picked up by his campaign, it is hard to see how one of two things can avoid happening:-

(1) The BBC will get nasty, turn up the flame-wick of horror, and start prosecuting thousands and thousands and thousands of people, the whole thing possibly ending at gunpoint,

(2) its income will fall off badly, possibly to zero as Rupert Murdoch picks up the trail, and The Sun starts to flag up the opportunity to not pay and get away with not being scragged by fake detector vans and paramilitary “License Fee Collectors”.

Option 2 is more likely I think. I haver long suspected that “detector vans” either contain nothing at all, or else are unable today to “detect” a modern TV, as it has no powerful “line timebase”, emitting bags of RF at multiples of the horizontal timebase frequency – it is of course “flat screen” which needs none of that old rubbish… (actually it was not rubbish but very cleverly optimised to to what it had to do, although megalithic by comparison with today’s electronics.)

We at the Libertarian Alliance have long advocated closing down the BBC. Fully. That’s it. A State Broadcaster can have no purpose to serve, in a State which is minimalist and liberal. There is no need for one, if the barrier to braodcasting for anyone who wishes to, in a technological civilisation, is low enough – and it now is.

That’s it.

I don’t sadly really know if other nations have a compulsory, criminally-driven TV licensing scheme for their State borat-caster – but I’d love to know.  Please write in. I guess ShootinPutin has put one in even if it’s only run by the KGB against liberals and dissenters: and I expect that the pigs Kim Jong Il and Castro have got one, and also that other pig in ByeloRussia, can’t rememebr his name, all pigs are the same really.

Pity really that I have to so traduce such a useful animal as the pig here. Henceforth, all socialist scumbags will be called cockroaches – such as those who are bureaucrats, or whose Police kill people, or who dispense State welfare, or who ban smoking or displays of tobacco.

The sun photographed this morning

David Davis

I mean to say, they’re telling us that Man is ruining the planet for f***’s sake (with crude oil soon to be $250 a barrel) by raising the air’s CO2 to about 0.04% from 0.03%, and the distance form the Earth to the Moon is about a quarter of the way across this star.

Update: Tony comments interestingly below. I’d heard of this idea a few years ago and wondered what happened to it.

But, I’m not sure we want even to lower the atmmosphere’s CO2 partial pressure (down to 0.03 kPa already and therefore dangerously low for plant life on land) so I’d not be initially in favour of his idea, but it could be applied in a small way (a few billion dollars here and there) to pretend to the greenazis that we care about what they say. We can get clean water to everyone in Africa while their back is turned.