I wish he’d stick to this sort of stuff…

David Davis

Obama‘s told the Afro-Kleptocracy to shape up and grow up. Good. It’s a start.

They won’t, though. Sorry. Fiercer measures will be needed – like sending no more Mercs to the Jerks.

Pity about the $7-trillion cap-and-trade tax, as well.

Proper libertarian-directed Régime Change(s). All over.

Then, this time, we stay for 200 years at least, to see it through. Maybe 300. Or more if need be.

(We: not the French, not the Belgians – definitely not the Belgians – not the Portuguese, not the Germans, not the Spaniards, not the Dutch – and of course not the Cubans or the Russians either.)

Then, only then, will it be fixed.

Pirates: Join the Navy, travel to faraway places, meet bad and uninteresting people in rubber boats with guns, and kill them

David Davis

This story shows that there is no point in The West trying to pretend that “pirates” need to be “negotiated with”. A US boat turned up, and it was all over.

The place for pirates is the ocean bottom, while still alive, just (for a little time) with a lead weight tied to their feet, and no oxygen cylinder.

Is this YET _another_ anti-English smear, or do we actually torture people?

I have to say that I don’t know. But torture is “institutionally” non-English, and does not originate here. Asia, and other places, are where the Europeans learned it, from having undergone it by defending against invasive incursion in things such as Crusades (I am not allowed to say against what we were defending, for then my son would get suspended from his history course.) And to   _not_   torture while investigating, is essentially an English practise. Read your Paul Johnson: “The Offshore islanders” – chapter ref: “this Realm is an Empire”.

David Davis

This article here is full of implications and non-sequiturs. You lazy indolent buggers out there had better read the entire thing. The  (shifty-looking)  [allegedly] “up for it” guy ( = dude) walked off the plane, in the UK, to his family and to his “law_yers” (if you wozz a state, wott  seriously, regularly, “did” people, in the basement of the “Ministry” for a living, really, like Nazi Gramsco-Marxian scumbags habitually do) then would you let a torturee do that? Walk off the plane in front of camerae? No, I would not either) but the text implies he was tortured at the command of the British “security services”.

There is, as my old co-director used to say about bailiffs, Health-and-Safety-Gestapo, and other fascistically-motivated non-marketeering State-predator-scumbags who used to be paid, out of our taxation, to psychologically-torment us and functionally-impede us in the course of our business, “MORE TO COME ON THIS ONE, SON”. I take great exception to the entire thing, but I will report back tomorrow when it has all got cooked a bit more and I can smell the rats floating in the air.

Metro hotel woking soldier, but we all have to move on, including him and the hotel.

David Davis

The story of yesterday was that poor Tomos Stringer was denied a room, late at night, on an inconvenient date, when he could have had one, had the Stalinists at the Metro Hotel in Woking let him have one. OK.

WE move on, so does he, for he is in Afghanistan again, so we learn.

Now then, what do we as libertarians fight for?

Anything? Anything at all?

Come on, it must be something, or you would not have got to this page. We are up against the “enemy class” in our own country, and “Jihadists” and other similar sorts of Gramscio-MarxiaNazi nihilists, destroyers and socialists in others, all of whom want to expunge what we think is our civilisation, and what we think is right and good and worthy of defence.

At least the Jihadists of the “Moslem” (YEH I do know what that is) are sort of honest and open, and I salute them for this: the fundamentalist Wahhabi madmen among them say that what we believe in, and do, and glory in, is shit, and crap, and ordure, and that they will “bury us”- ask the Fascist pig Kzhruszhkiev (“leader” of the USSR until sometime in 1964) about this matter of “burying”.) Some of them want to replace us. That’s fair enough – they may or may not succeed, and we shall just have to see. Try us.

So, what do we fight for?

I think we fight for a world in which anything that is not forbidden, is allowed (and not the other way about) – and you have to be careful about defining what’s forbidden! You may come up against Natural Rights…

I think we fight for no limits on the discovery of truth. I expressed it rather poorly, but people like Al Gore do not figure highly on my list of stars at this sad time.

Lastly I think we fight for the destruction, either by us or our agents, or by people whom we help via coalitions of the willing, of those who would return Men (any Men, I don’t care which ones) to a state of pre-capitalist barbarism.

Yesterday’s story of poor Tomos Stringer incensed me. It was not clear to me that such a place as a  “hotel” – although it has as I said its own property rights in who it would accept as guests – ought to take a position based on the views of a “duty receptionist” who may see the world differently from either his/her bosses or the view(s) of the majority of this nation’s people (as seen by the responses!)

But as times darken, as they now will,  we all ought to think about what we individually would fight for. I hope it won’t come to that, but buy books (not food – that’s the least of your worries!) fireproof shelving and CD-ROMS. Copy everything you have ever known and loved, or both, onto these, several times over, and hope.