Top Gear in ties

David Davis

I don’t think so, thank you.

Newsreaders? Yes: Jeremy, James and the Hamster? No.

That lot are pretending to be slobs with terrible dress-sense, and they do it very well and it’s part of their brand, so they should look like slobs.

Jeremy Clarkson

David Davis

(1) I just wish he’d stop opening his mouth and sticking both feet inside (because he is an intelligent man who has good points to make) and…

(2)  The Germans have themselves to blame partly, because in 1933 the failed-to-not-elect a clever, wicked and nasty psychotic-vegetarian-non-smoking-GramscoFabian-Lenin-admirer, who they could see would lead them to destruction but could not fail to elect because of their own emotional responses to such a mountebank, and they paid the costs later.

Perhaps it’s actually the fault of the BBC programme-researchers, who are most probably charged covertly with the task of getting Top Gear off the air: for racism, homophobia, xenophobia, lorry-driver-prostitutophobia and the like. They can’t do it for any other reason since it makes them so much money…..

Peter Harvey and the “classroom incident”…Reading the story in full, one’s instinct is to side with the teacher on this one.


You’d stop the experiment. But read on…

David Davis

(They’d better not ask me to go on the Jury on this one!)

Go here for the details. Perhaps more later, bearing on the future of de-education in this miserable, wrecked country.

Some teachers may feel it’s time to fight back against the tide (about which I am told daily by students) of Wireless-Tele-Vision-driven amorality and lawlessness which is engulphing first the “worst” schools, and in time the rest, on the “State” side.

Update from Daily Mail: Year-9s! (I guess) I might have known: the very worst sort, it is the time of a teenager’s life when “school is dead”. An entirely an un-necessary wasted year in the “Curriculum”.

But possibly it was not the best thing for Peter Harvey to do, in the present circumstances, if indeed it turns out that he has seriously assaulted a student. One does not assault students, for it upsets the parents if the students have any, and it is demeaning both to student and teacher, for the relationship ought to work better in any case without this.

The reasons why teachers may come to the point of “losing it”, and decking the students directly, lie in the deliberate deconstruction of the educational environment. This deliberate policy has been prosecuted most particularly by this present Labour Government in order to produce a biddable and totally uncurious and uncritical “electorate”. However, previous administrations are also not blameless, notable all of them since about 1945.

One ought not of course to assault female students at all, which is the corollary of course, of the fact that it is not suitable for them to be soldiers.

We have to do other stuff first. The props of the current State “pupils are right, teachers are wrong” system have to be kicked away first, and then all Wireless tele Vision transmissions, with the exceptions of “Top Gear”, “DAVE” and the “Discovery Channel” have to be shut down for good.

Until the Enemy Class can be destroyed, and their power to deliberately currupt and enslave the minds of humans can be abolished, it is also not suitable for there to be Wireless Tele Vision transmission-ability in the hands of most of the people who run them now, and who “make the programs”. Until we can deal with the “program makers” and re-educate them in a rather special and exciting farm (un)designed for the purpose, we have to deprive them of the power to corrupt, which is to say, tramsmit.

Only Jeremy Clarkson and his friends will be allowed.

This sad event was bound to happen, sooner or later, under ZanuLieBorg, the GramscoFabiaNazis, and “educationists” – all of whom I absolutely blame, 100%. not the teacher and not these particular kids.

They are just sad lab-mice in a gagantic and wicked political experiment.