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Andrew Marr’s trousers removed by Charles Moore

Update, Andrew Marr replies in the DT.

Michael Winning

Good one Charlie! Go bite the bastard in the ankkle!

But it’s a shame, Charlie my old fellow, that you have got things so wrong about cameron, who is not going to do diddly-squat about the EU, hes just said so.

The Boss=man is right, we shall now just have to start attacking the terrible Tories, I think I’ll make it my special business to do that from here on.

This tells us everything we have ever needed to know about “Trade” “Unions”, and GramscoFabiaNazis

David Davis

20% pay rises. For the “leaders”. Yup. Who would have guessed it?

The time for revolution, and a move forward out of pre-capitalist feudal barbarism, is going to have to come and soon.

A sweeping-away of “whole categories of persons” is going to have to take place. But the one that must is not the one that the GramscoFabiaNazis have been hitherto envisaging. By contrast, the cateogies that I envisage will be quite numerically small.

In real terms, I suppose really that the sums which these grasping-troughing-GramscoFabiaNazi-Trade-Union-Leader-bastard-Gauleiters “receive” are not that large: a mere £100,000-odd here, £97,000 there. Less, it may be said, that many “Metropolitan Authority” “Chief Executives”.

Large by my standards, very large: but not really when you take into account what MPs have been swagging before we all blew the whistle on them (and they will try to get it again) and what the rest of the Enemy-Class has been gouging out by brown-nose-shit-arssing people in “government”, and compared with what “press relations advisers” are charging State Departments in fees.

The point is, that to be true to their calling, “Trade” “Union” “bosses” ought to have no shoes, go by bus or second-class train everywhere: they could possibly own a bicycle so long as it is rusty and squeaks and is black, and they ought to help their members by giving them money when they are hungry.

Personally, I think that if it is not legal for employers to “combine”, then we should have a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. It should be illegal for  paid employees to “combine” also.

As one of the many many FIRST STEPS on the road to LIBERAL REVOLUTION, I would make Trade Unions illegal. The law can be sunsetted when there are no more “trade” “unions” in existence, and all the GramscoFabiaNazis who have been running them and taking (all) the money have been Udenopticonned onto St Kilda, so I shall still be a liberal.


London Underground strikers are…..

….not necessarily c***s, or not all of them anyway. Officially as individual workers, they have every right to go on strike, subject to whatever the law says at present, but which right is usually usurped by their “Trade Union(s)” and invoked unilaterally. This is of course where the problem lies.

David Davis

But this, spotted via the Devil, is really funny:-

Personally, if it is illegal for “producers” to “combine”, as I believe it is, then it makes sense for it to be illegal for employees to combine also.

Derek Simpson, UNITE, pig-troughs and Animal Farm

David Davis

Well, well, well. What a surprise. And I thought trade Unions were to help the low-paid against their faces being ground by “wicked capitalist running-dogs and lackeys of the Boss Class”.

So who’s in the “Boss Class” now, eh, Derek? And what about your members losing their jobs then?