Economic Myths #7 – Government means Harmony

One of the aspects of capitalism and the free market that the typical lay person finds difficult to comprehend is the fact that the complex structure of work, production, distribution, and trade could possibly take place without some kind of centralised, directing authority in order to co-ordinate everybody’s efforts. Wouldn’t there just be chaos and mal-coordination with everyone trying to make their own, independent plans if there is nobody at the tiller to steer the giant ship?

This fallacy stems from the belief – accentuated by holistic concepts such as aggregate, pseudo-statistics like “GDP” or “the national income” – that what we refer to as “the economy” is some kind of enormous machine that has “input”, with a single operator “processing” these “inputs” into “outputs”.

In fact, rather than being one giant, amorphous blob “the economy” is made up of millions and millions of independent, unilateral acts of production and two-way trades, many of which will never have anything to do with each other. I may sell an apple to my neighbour for 10p in London; another person may sell an orange for 20p to his neighbour in Manchester. Neither of the two pairs of people has ever met, nor need any of them have any involvement with the exchange of the other pair; and yet both exchanges would be regarded as part of “the British economy” in mainstream discourse. Continue reading

Bronze-Age Britain – a powerful copper/tin exporter (what Tony Blair calls a “young country” – idiot…)

David Davis

This is intriguing, and supports my hypothesis that we were actually a powerful _exporter_ of bronze-age metals (as every geologist over the age of six knows) and that we didn’t need to be an importer. The neo-importatistas, hysteircally-climbing onto the anti-English bandwaggon for re-writing history, since this is needful for them to survive and get “research-grants”, are clearly revisionist-Eurocentric “historians” who want to pre-justify the EU and all its works. Bugger them, for a start.

All they have to do is an isotope-analysis of the copper and tin ingots found on board, to know whether the metals came from here (probable – it was in the South-West, after all, the copper-tin-silver-gold-zinc-lead-cadmium-mercury region of the UK, and why would you bring foreign coals-to-Newcastle?) or were coming from somewhere else such as Spain, France or wherever.

If fruit lorries cannot cross the border, then soldiers will

Look, people: I’m pissed off with this sort of puerile stuff now. It only occurs when States get involved in distorting markets. If only they’d bloody keep out of it, and inefficient French kumquat-growers were buggered out of the market temprarily by less-inefficient Spainsh ones, the whole caboodle to be overtaken by even cheaper Ethiopians who have got rid of “Bob Geldof and the effing money (which never arrived)” then everybody would be happy.

David Davis

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(ANSAmed) – ROME, AUGUST 20 – About 150 French fruit and vegetable growers have today set up a partial roadblock of highway A9 along the border with Spain, in order to stop Spanish lorries transporting fruit from entering France. The producers began protesting after an appeal from the National Federation of Farmers and Young Farmers Unions and will be handing out, as part of the protest, peaches and nectarines to car drivers going by. “No Spanish lorry will get past the border this morning,” warned Michael Pntier, head of the farmers unions, who spoke out against the unscrupulous Spanish competition on fruit and vegetable products and urged French citizens to only eat national products in order to help the sector get through the crisis. (ANSAmed).
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Piracy in The Channel…so where does that leave Space?

If liberty and order can’t prevail in the English Channel, how can they prevail in space which is and will be  much, much more vital?

David Davis

Successive Tory governments GramscoFabiWeimarians, followed by New Labour GramscoFabiaNazis, none of which, functionally these days, are populated by persons who have served properly, hate the Armed Forces so much that we now have effectively none.

There will, sometime, come a next election that matters. In it, a Libertarian Government will be elected in an England which has left or will immediately leave the UK, as will be inevitable, and therefore also structurallywill leave or has left the EU also. The legalistic shenaniggans will be tremendously hilarious. We do not (as Hitler said infamously, or maybe it was Ludendorff in another war? Or perhaps it was Stalin?) “care nothing for treaties” – we will, as people who do agreement and not force, do our very best to console and satisfy every party who is properly  involved, as is right and proper.

At that point, the lack of methods available to deal with simple stuff like a gang of semi-armed-men riding a rubber-tyre, and then stealing a cargo ship in full daylight at pop-gun-point, will be felt. Whether “our” ship or somebody else’s, is immaterial. The point is that, owing to in-house-Fabianism, control of our near oceans will appear to have been lost.

Since shipping lines will all be private property again by then, this libertarian State will appear incapable of helping to protect such individual property rights. This will be embarrassing to say the least.

In the interim, a very very  strong blue-water-Navy, probably encompassing  fully the Air and Submarine  Arms as is natural, will be a Libertarian Priority. The logical conclusion, so long as GramscoFabiaNazis continue to either exist or be able to teach on this planet, will be an extension to space.

The weaponization of Space, will become necessary for Man’s survival in the Universe in future, in order that he will be able actually to get off here with some hope of establishment elsewhere. It will become therefore a battle against people like Rousseau, Lenin, Marx, Gramsci, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Sir Jonathon Porritt (who is old enough and ugly enough and educated enough to know better), Pol Pot, Mugabe, that bugger who did the Peru thingy, and the like.

A very, very poor, badly-written and also bad and pedestrian, SF novel about politics, about 16 years ago, was started by me then. Fortunately, all trace of  it was lost when that computer went awol, and the only “floppy” (remember those? it fitted puite well on one in MS-Word 2.0 along with lots of other gear) which I had saved was an oldish draft and also was, much later, found to be “corrupted”. In it, fleeing libertarians were forced to construct a ring of Orbital Forts round the Earth (guns facing downwards) after they had left for The Stars, with whatever people and remnants of the Western Canon and Culture thay could carry with them.

I continue to be convinced by those insights which came to me when I was thus younger.

Libertarians will find how many enemies they have, among the still non-disarmed governments of places where they have not electorally triumphed, and they will therefore experience problems, for many many I hope only) months – but let’s not bank on it. Praise the Lord, and keep your powder very very very dry.

Pirates: Join the Navy, travel to faraway places, meet bad and uninteresting people in rubber boats with guns, and kill them

David Davis

This story shows that there is no point in The West trying to pretend that “pirates” need to be “negotiated with”. A US boat turned up, and it was all over.

The place for pirates is the ocean bottom, while still alive, just (for a little time) with a lead weight tied to their feet, and no oxygen cylinder.