My response to the government consultation on “De-carbonizing Transport”

Last Friday, I sent in a just-in-time response to the UK government’s “consultation” on how to “de-carbonize transport.” Or, more simply put, to ban our cars – as quickly as they possibly can.

My response is a 56-page PDF. There’s a lot of detail in there, and some quite strong ideas. So I thought the best way would be simply to put it up on the Internet, and link to it. WordPress, though, had other ideas. It wouldn’t let me link to it, without actually embedding it. So, here it is:

Click to access respcon-200731.pdf


…and your point is…?

David Davis

….“passengers forced to use older trains”…. (average age 15.5 years… what?)

What the f****** f*** are these journos smoking? Could I have some? If I was forced to ride upon a train for tavelling purposes, then I’d want ot be in what was called “rolling stock” that I was used to, and knew how to hack, which was really “corridor cars” dating from about 1950/1960.

These were good and warm in the winter. You just needed a “key”, to ensire that you and those with you in the compartment didn’t freeze to death.

All you had to do was find and get a “key” from the guards van (so we did) for opening the various doors and windows and cubby-holes, ¬†and for turning on the various services and boxes in the out-of-bounds-areas of the “car” when the ASLEF ¬†Union Guys had turned same off as it was winter and it was time to strike, and you’d be OK even in the winter.

There were no cameras then.

Here’s an “older train” for you, now:-

And, some more older trains:-

This is a classic. Engines, made by human beings, don’t really get any better than this:-