First they came for the cars, and I didn’t speak out, as I was not a car….

….then they came for the drivers.

David Davis

I am old enough to remember the introduction of the “Ministry of Transport ten-year-test” for cars. About 1960 or ’61 I think….A mechanic in a boiler suit regarded your car, kicked the tyres, wobbled the steering wheel, tried the brakes, and then gave you a chit. I was 8 or 9 and didn’t think anything sinister into it. Look at the same test now, and extrapolate to what the buggers will do to “test” drivers’ fitness in say 2030…..

Now they come for the drivers…and it’s all dressed up in the usual concerned-parent-type panguage of nanny.

The result will be to ground people who vote Conservative, since these are all elderly, having experienced life and come to the logical conclusions. Just watch the buggers get everyone but bureaucrats off the roads.

It does not matter a monkey’s f*** whether the meme-crazed control-freaks in Westmonster think they are trying to make the world’s safets roads safer. Or, even if we lived in an Upper-Jipoopooland-like maze of death-traps and drug-hazed half-blind drivers. the principle is a wrong one.

Tornado doing its stuff again: Saturday Steam Spot

UPDATE: found some more of this stuff… see second video below:-

David Davis

I wonder when the sadistic socialist obsession with “Public Transport” (an oxymoron) will overcome the socialists’ desire for us to not use things such as “coal”, or other proper fuels?

And all you lazy buggers out there need to understand how this stuff works, or the socialists will get their way with us all: there will be a short written test tomorrow evening, about the principles of outside-Walschaerts valve gear:-

And the Bulleid Merchant Navies, although sadly “rebuilt”, still performed well:-

Interesting device, in an intellectual sense: but far, far too many recirpocating parts all going in the wrong directions at once:-

I don’t think it will take off as an idea, for real energy transfer.

Can this be true? Or am I in a waking horror-story? The British Prison-Planet’s “Eco-towns”

David Davis

I don’t usually read the Times Online, but not being temporarily ablt to get the Barclay Bugle, I found THIS.

The line about “30% of the homes being affordable” was especially nice. Go read the whole thing – the monumental contempt for the standard details of individual human beings’ lives in a modern country is so staggering that it almost rears up to space, in monumental invisibility.

The comments are really fun too.