The GreeNazis don’t really want people to get about

Michael Winning

Over at Englishman’s castle it says that “an environmental group” is saying that “electric cars could increase carbon emissions”. He gives a link, which does not say which group (not the Englishguys fault of course.) I did a bit of devilling and found oout it’s these people here, “Biofuels Digest” whatever that is.

Clearly a little turf war going to go on between the electric-greenies who don’t want us to travel much, and the ethanol-greenies who also don’t want us to travel much. How funny.

You can’t distribute food in any modern sense without motor transport. That means, these days, trucks. Wonder whay I’ve never seen an electric 44-tonne HGV being promoted? Perhaps they want us all to starve and the Boss is right after all.

The Future Is Bristol…God help them poor bastards

David Davis

I had to return from chores etc to tell you about this.

It is not only by no means certain that the GramscoFabiaNazi government will indeed fall in June 2010 as is sometimes predicted. Not only that – but the buggers in certain GFN redoubts such as Bristol are planning a two-pronged-strategy:

(1) Scorch the Earth before 2010 so that the incoming buggers have the worst possible start and will probably fail and be thrown out for ever in 2014,

(2) Prepare for ultimate victory and total extermination of “reactionaries”, “car-drivers” and “unfit political elements” now, while you are still in power and can then turn the screw completely off in 2010.

If I wanted to kill both tourism and ordinary business in Bristol – which I would of course as a GFN – thus turning it into a socialist paradise, then I would do what they are proposing.

For other sad places where people are miserable and oppressed, here’s “Knowsley”. Yes, I’m not surprised you’ve never heard of it.

God help you

God help you

It was utterly obvious that there was a smelly rat behind it…

UPDATE:- Samizdata have noticed it too.

…amd here it is, less than 48 hours after the first hint. There’s no shame or dissembling any more.

David Davis

The other day we remarked on “all travel plans to be logged”, and noted that they had to be depositied in advance. Of course, this was to check what the buggers might be able to relieve you of, before letting you out. Welsome to Zim-Britwe.

I wonder when it will be a crime to publicly notice stuff like this, and draw the attention of thrid parties to it. Soon I guess.

It’s simply non-credible that real living human beings are dreaming up stuff like this, in an English-tradition Political Space. Either the repression-machine has taken on a life of its own, and is running in automaton mode, or else there really are some very wicked human beings inside the State.

British State to log all travel plans….in advance….

UPDATE:- And Gordon Brown wants   _YOUR_   body….

David Davis

…and so….East Germany and the STASI, here we come, lads. And a £5,000 fine for NOT telling the Gestapo Gazpachio where you are going, when, with what money, your reason for travel, who with, what carrier, what credit cards you own, and the like.

More than 24 hours in advance. 

So, I guess, they can stop you in time if you once said something they don’t like you are a terrorist.

David Davis

Time for what The Landed Underclass calls a “harrumph”. Trouble is, if we don’t harrumph, then the Enemy Class will think we approve. it will of course do no good, for their plans for us will not change, but at least we have registered our displeasure. I expect the death penalty for “crimes against the State People” will be resurfacing soon. 

I advise all UK readers to get dual-citizenship with some other civilised country, such as Russia or Bolivia or Western Samoa (they just came into my head then, that’s all) as soon as possible.

Samizdata, speed-cameras, surveillance, safety, security, and submission

David Davis

I am just as incensed about the notion that our travels should be as transparent to the State as our emails and blogs are and will soon be.

Obnoxio the Clown deftly deals with the entire matter in a few well-chosen words, as is his main skill. The dear fellow: how much poorer would the world be, without his frequent and carefully-phrased explanations of our rulers’ actions.

But something else has got into the woodwork of the corruption that is now the relational-space between The Individual and The State. I was surprised by this….something else has been advocated here. Samizdata is the last place I would have expected to see this, but one begins to share the sentiment that the time for the following types of protest is passed:-

“writing to your MP” (he’s not listening any more – he just want money, and to ride in an armoured Merc-4-a-Jerk)

“writing to the Times” (it’s owned by Rupert Murdoch who supports who’s in charge at the time: or perhaps the Editor won’t print you anyway)

“writing to the local paper” (it’s owned by the Daily Mirror now…’nuff-said)

“getting a petition up” (they’ll bin it, afetr taking your name and address, for…re-education, later)

It has been a source of wonderment to me at how very, very few speed cameras one sees having been serviced by the Common People. (I believe that “to service”, the infinitive of the transitive verb, was used in the Cold War to mean “kill the enemy on the battlefield”.)

I don’t think the Libertarian Alliance would want to be associated with advocating the vandalisation of speed cameras. Even though they are ever so intrusive and authoritarian as a notion. But there comes a point where 20,000 white vans, containing 60,000 chain-smoking brickies, who are equipped with 60,000 2-stroke Stihl-saws, all 60,000 of which start promptly on pulling the cord, could service most cameras in the UK between 02:00 am and 02:10 am on Thursday, and go home again.

Rather than that, I advocate the Poujadist solution, which is that ALL drivers ought to continuously and routinely fly past the new cameras, piling up “speeding” statistics, and refusing to co-operate with the Law here, which should be routinely and constantly broken. Bad, authoritarian laws are for breaking. The courts will be overwhelmed, and the confiscated-car-pounds will eventually overflow and have to be opened to the rightful owners.

Really, the abiding conundrum is why the English People – in all countries where they live – even such as Australia (which seems to be becoming a test-bed for all sorts of nasty stuff) – have been so very, very supine in the submissive acceptance of all this gear, even in the early stages> This was when a few old chaps who fought in the War could have growled menacingly, on television, thrown a few bricks and a bit of paraffin, and the BureauNazis would have backed away. Too late for that now, I fear: Samizdata may be right.

Metro Hotel Woking soldier … Notice to all human beings: don’t stay at the Metro Hotel, Woking, Surrey, England.

It seems the blogosphere is picking this hoo-hah up. Here’s democracyforum…..and here’s….and here’s accommodationtips by Angry_Soldier…..and….here’s Tom Jackson online….and it seems that the poor bastards who own the hotel have really shot themselves in the foot. I would not be surprised in it’s in the Daily Mail and the Sun by now. An unwise thing to do, if I was running that business, since there are still, even in 2008, enough people who know how to type and who would be incensed by this.

And here’s the Wondering Brit. And even the BBC, the bought-and-paid-for Stalinist trumpeters of anti-liberal leftism. Oh, shit.

Oh dear dear dera, and here’s another one.

Things look bad for the poor place. So….here’s the post!

And, no, I am NOT pleased in a sort of schadenfreude-ish sort of way either – it reflects badly on our country and our people.

David Davis (not that one)

It seems that, with a titanic battle going on for the fate of Western Civilisation, it is “company policy” for this outfit not to accept  “military personnel” as paying guests. Here is a story in the Torygraph which angered me just now.

While a hotel or a chain is of course someone’s property, like most things, and therefore while the owner(s) ought to be able to decide who they will and will not accept money from, it does seem rather, well, leftist and therefore institutionally-ungrateful to do this, to a poor young man, just back from putting his own life on the line philosphically-speaking, for the very people who are refusing him.

And late at night on a Sunday too. How low can you get? the poor bugger spent the night in his car. Probably more comfortable anyway than some leftist-leaning rooming-house in Woking.

We at the Libertarian Alliance do disagree with each other about the strategic or moral rightness, or not, of the various wars into which this stalinist set of gangsters in Westminster government has plunged us. Sean Gabb takes the view in general that, if no vital UK interest is at stake, then we ought not to be involved. I can see his point much of the time. I take the view that Anglosphere nations cannot, and must not, in an imperfect and still largely unlibertarian world, avoid going to war for the vital interests of other people.

It is our duty as civilised individuals, either to get coalitions together to abolish things like slavery (AND inside other “states” or “jurisdictions”, not just on the High Seas, which we ought of course to police properly as this is merely a minimal symptom of rationality), or pre-capitalist-barbarism-suppported-by-tyranny-and aggression, against clearly unwilling and wretched populations.

While there is a supply of young chaps like this soldier, who do what they do, then the least we ought to expect from businesses is some clear statement of their beliefs – if they have some reason either to “conscientiously object” to having soldiers on their premises, or if they think that such riff-raff will lower the tone of the establishment, or trash the place. I’m not so far aware that this latter is a problem, so are hotels facing it yet?

We just needed to know either way, and there would have been no problem. The poor squaddie would have gone somewhere else without complaint. Then, the stalinist set of gangsters in Westminster government can come out, if it dares to, with some regulation or other “preventing discrimination against members of the armed forces, in today’s vibrant multicultural society in Britain”.

But it won’t, will it.

All it would have taken was a notice outside – “No military personnel – in or out of uniform”. Job done!

(Why can I NEVER type the word “soldiers” right the first time, without internally spoonerising the letters?)

Afterthought: I wonder if they’d have turned away Gen. Sir “Mike” Jackson, or the Chief of Imperial Defence Staff – or whatever that office is now called?

Can this be true? Or am I in a waking horror-story? The British Prison-Planet’s “Eco-towns”

David Davis

I don’t usually read the Times Online, but not being temporarily ablt to get the Barclay Bugle, I found THIS.

The line about “30% of the homes being affordable” was especially nice. Go read the whole thing – the monumental contempt for the standard details of individual human beings’ lives in a modern country is so staggering that it almost rears up to space, in monumental invisibility.

The comments are really fun too.