Sean on Telly Yesterday

by Sean Gabb

Dear All,

I made a brief appearance yesterday on BBC1’s “The Big Question”, where I
argued that voting should not be made compulsory. Here is the relevant

On Saturday the 6th March 2010, I recorded a long interview with Al Gore’s
television station all about the decriminalisation of incest. Stand by for
news about where to find this.

Tomorrow morning, I shall be interviewed by BBC Radio Bristol about CCTV
cameras. I will upload the recording of this shortly after.

On the 17th March 2010, I shall be talking to Haberdashers’ Aske’s school
for boys all about libertarianism.

On the 24th April 2010, I shall be speaking at this event:

Saturday 17th April 2010
2.30pm to 4.30pm

Carrs Lane, Birmingham B4 7SX
10 minutes walk from city centre New Street station.
See website for directions

Who Speaks for the People of Britain?

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Director The Libertarian Alliance

The Taxpayers Alliance, West Midlands

Vice-Chairman Campaign for an Independent Britain & organiser of General
Election “Candidate 2010”

Published by The Campaign for an Independent Britain For 35 years,CIB has led efforts to safeguard our
nation’s sovereignty. We are a democratic, independent and strictly
remaining a non-party political pressure group, supported by membership
subscriptions and donations from members of the public. Our objective is
Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union whilst maintaining trading
and friendly relations with other countries

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Jeff Randall on the cult of “celebrity” (more about A-levels too)

Read the whole caboodle here.

David Davis

I should perhaps add something here. Jeff Randall’s quotation of a bright young girl wanting “really” to do what he did for a living, but only to be “on” television and for no other purpose, compares interestingly with a Russian girl of 24 whom i met in Moscow in 1993. She was studying “International Journalism” at Moscow University (I forget which one). Over a dinner I asked her idly about her future career direction, as you, er,do.

She replied:

“Oh yes. Yes, the journalism (sic) is good career for me. I will like to meet famous men, I will be in the photograph, and I will make love with them”.

Jeremy Clarkson

David Davis

(1) I just wish he’d stop opening his mouth and sticking both feet inside (because he is an intelligent man who has good points to make) and…

(2)  The Germans have themselves to blame partly, because in 1933 the failed-to-not-elect a clever, wicked and nasty psychotic-vegetarian-non-smoking-GramscoFabian-Lenin-admirer, who they could see would lead them to destruction but could not fail to elect because of their own emotional responses to such a mountebank, and they paid the costs later.

Perhaps it’s actually the fault of the BBC programme-researchers, who are most probably charged covertly with the task of getting Top Gear off the air: for racism, homophobia, xenophobia, lorry-driver-prostitutophobia and the like. They can’t do it for any other reason since it makes them so much money…..

DISCUSS: “Is school-syllabus-and-broadcast-imposed-popular-culture a deliberate Enemy-Class “initiative” to help stamp out individual critical thought and thus also liberty?”

David Davis

“Is school-syllabus-and-broadcast-imposed-popular-culture a deliberate Enemy-Class “initiative” to help stamp out individual critical thought and thus also liberty?”

Panis et Circenses, anybody?

As I will be away from my computer for about 48 hours [and no, I am not being “detained” for anything, at least not yet] i leave you people with this interrogative to toss about like a dogbone.

Simon Heffer has a suggested antidote for one part of the fightback.

This is because I and a local friend here from Lancs, also a crusty, cynical oldie like me, have been invited by the BBC, no less, to go to London and film one or more “rounds” – depending on how we last the course against pairs from “other regions” – of a /NEW/ TV quiz show. The terms of acceptance to go on the show forbid me from telling you the format (I do know it) or the prize structure [nugatory, that’s all I will say] as it will not be broadcast until October, we are told.

A post-mortem, about how terribly badly I did, will be delivered to you all, possibly on Tuesday – provided that I do not feel so completely humiliated by my failure to comprehend the more “contemporary” departmens of knowledge which ordinary graduates of scumbag*** schools find so easy to acquire.

***Not their fault that their schools gave them classes in “modern media”, instead of the Western Canon. They’ll just do better than me in all the questions about football, all other sports, celebs, global-mega-TV shows, soaps,  actroids and actressoids,  Harry Potter, novels in the Booker Prize in the 1980s, specific bars in Magaluf, and the like.

I wonder what’s a “green job”?

David Davis

So does Dominic Lawson. I would now also warn, in the light of knowing what “green jobs” are and who’s promoting them, about the Tragedy of Skelmersdale***. For foreign readers, “Skem” was an old coal mining village. Now, here’s a Hansard report about what effectively amounts to the British State Colour Television Tube Factory, and what happened to it and to the poor wretched people decanted out of Liverpool and elsewhere to staff it, and live in its Artificial State Town, rather like Stalingrad I would guess…

Here’s a Skelmerdale State House:-


Of course, not all are quite like this....

Of course, not all are quite like this....



And her’s the “shops”:-

The concourse shopping centre

The "concourse" shopping centre



This is what an old electronics engineer thinks.

***As a foreigner here myself, I am often humorously ticked off for mispronouncing it: You must not say “Skelmersdale”, as if you were a Londoner who thinks you must or should pronounce all the syllables and consonants of a name. You must say “Skemmersdale”, or, if you are reasonably familiar with your conversation partner, “Skem“.

And if you an archer of note, there is this:-