Nasty Statist “drug-policing-theatre”

David Davis

Here and here.

We all know what we think about these matters. The “war on drugs”, like the “war on terror”, is a statist excuse for extension of surveillance, control, occupying-army-style-policing, and the general “choice-editing” of ordinary humans’ paths of action, by the Political Enemy-Class.

Perhaps the invention of actors and theatre is the problem? And politicians are really actors with too much power?


Can we find 500 ways…

…of annoying, perfectly legally (it must be this way) jumped-up-bureaucrats?

David Davis

I had an idea while scanning Old Holborn on Facebook just now. The buggers have created 4,000+ new criminal offences in 13 years: let’s try and match that with the number of ways they can be irritated, annoyed, and obstructed, while staying entirely within the law as it stands. (This may have been an original idea of Sean gabb’s, I can’t remember.)

If they start to move the fences in their enragement at this process, then we will truly know what we are dealing with.

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