How big are stars and planets, relative to each other?

David Davis and Peter Davis

Eat dust, socialists! You are nothing: you are less than a  couple of squamous-cells, scraped off the scrofula of a dried scumbag which time forgot in the back of the fridge…..the Earth and its changing climate will go on willy-nilly without you. And there are far, far larger forces interacting out there, which don’t take account of you at all. You are “not serious” (as Stalin would have stated: you have not shot any Bishops or Cardinals yet.)

And don’t be going getting any ideas about how important even the Sun is, from this one either!

This is quite cool:-

… down to the micro level, and how on earth do you calculate all that stuff here?…..:-

…..and this is quite extraordinary:-

What his dad is trying to say here is that Man is The Lord of Creation, in default of the arrival of God, which may not be Anytime Soon, as things stand.

Fuels, Petrol. Biofuels, Starvation. Awfully useful and interesting. I am particularly struck by the picture of AL GORE SHITTING CRUDE OIL TO HELP MANKIND

David Davis

The Last Ditch says it here, and he got it from here. Al Gore can shit oil: this shall be for Mankind to live and breed and go forth and multiply in the Universe (where we shall find even more, as Titan has oceans of it the size of the Black Sea and almost inevitably more undiscovered since Titan is bigger than the Moon or Mercury.) The Wahabists can return to their roots, and their (respected) culture, which we have so rudely and impolitely disturbed, for them, being inferior to them in all ways possible, as we of course are.

Apologies for that sentence (above) being so long in the first draft. I was thinking and not writing. I have broken it up a bit now.