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James Lovelock talking vaguely sensibly…

in here…you can respect his intellectual honesty about eco-fashion green-ness etc.

David Davis

but not here, where he buys into totalitarianism. h/t Samizdata.

Either we’re about to pull out, or else there’s an election coming

David Davis

So, Gordon Brown has just popped in for a brew with the lads, over on the front, eh? Bet they’re pleased.

The effing bastard will either win the election, or there’ll be a hung-one. You just watch. He’s a wicked socialist scumbag schemer and shyster and snake-oil-salesman, just like his mate Stalin, and you see if I’m right or not. If he gets in again, you just see if he doesn’t end up having people murdered in dank cellars, in the “Ministry” of something or other. Read my friend Richard Blake’s novel “The Terror of Constantinople”, which is prophetic.

Bet each reader of this 1p that Gordon wins, and that the election will have been rigged. You can pay the Libertarian Alliance by paypal when you lose.

Good blog, just spotted

David Davis

Coldsteelrain, heart in right place, what more can a man want? I cannot tell exactly, but I suspect it is written by a soldier.

Here is one good observation for a start – and yes I am being provocative here. And I share his dislike of the unloveable, un-nice and smelly Piers Morgan. if “Britain’s got Talent” is some sort of show in the Wireless Tele Vision, and the man Morgan is involved, then I don’t think that ordinary functioning humans ought to have anything to do with it.

Shun him, for he likes Gordon Brown. There will have to be an “Independent Safeguarding Agency” register of such people, and the Police will have to phone us all when one of them moves in nearby, in case we object.

GOSH this will be fun to watch – POLITICAL STREET THEATRE –

Micheal Winning

Too dakr to do the pigs now anyway, so,

David Cameron to take on the Trades Unions! Bring the boxing-match on man!

We cant admit it and we’ll get put in prison for saying so, but everybodyknow that “trades Unions” have been subverted by the Gramsco left [on purpose as the Boss says, and it makes sense to do it for you’d win in a liberal society that’s kind and forgiving] to undermine and reverse the trend towards civilisatiion and prosperity for all. And to get it for those that threaten and fight most. Barbarians.

He’ll have to do it, but he’ll go down. Like that other guy. Not thatcher, he was a good guy.

Gordon Brown saves and runs the world…so…

David Davis says “what the hell are we doing, and WTF is he doing, allowing “truckloads of explosives” to be driven about anywhere near places like Yemen?”

He’s up there, trying to be what we used to call “all big”, and yet he has no forces to deploy that can even stop themselves being blown to bits, let alone other people elsewhere.

Perhaps if he took all the UK Police (who will have, anyway, to go) and who function quite well as an occupying army here, not detecting real crime but merely terrorising motorists, and simply tramsplanted them to the Yemen, they’d have something worthwhile to do at last.

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