Economic Myths #10 – Taxes Benefit “Us”

Whenever there is the appearance of some headline berating large corporations for arranging their affairs so as to pay as little tax as possible on profits earned in the UK, the indignation from the general public seems to centre on the belief that the “lost” state revenue was somehow a “lost” benefit to the average citizen. After all, won’t lower tax revenues result in fewer hospitals and worse schools? Such was the fury greeting the news, on August 3rd of this year, that Amazon UK’s tax bill fell from its 2017 figure of £7.4m to just £1.7m in spite of pre-tax profits having almost trebled.

Unfortunately for libertarians, tax avoidance (together with the deliberate blurring of the legal and moral distinction between that concept and that of tax evasion) has become a favourite topic of heavily indebted governments as they attempt to balance their books without reducing their profligate spending. Continue reading

Not accidental: Not better: Not for the planet. Deliberate bullying by GramscoFabiaNazis

David Davis

The initially risible, silly, unimportant and clownish recycle-prancing, started about the time of The Club Of Rome by woolly-pullied-wierdy-beardy-sandal-wearers, has now progressed to the point where ordinary sovereign individuals are now to be threatened with fines and criminal records _IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES_ . And, tell it not in Gath, by others of their own people posing as “friends of the planet” (in various eponymous guises.)

We cna only conclude that the progression, from the seemingly marginal concern of an embattled but concerned intellectual minority, to all out State Terror, is quite deliberate.

Like the original Leninists.

The NHS … “avvin-a-luff” at your expense, at a PCT (whatever that might be) near you, now.

David Davis

I just found this idly while trawling The Devil for fun stuff,  (as you do)  at the Ferret-Fancier.

Some of the job titles are so divinely and frankly arch, as to have to have been deliberately conceived witht he aid of management consultants and screenlay writers, and thus in a spirit of supercilious condescension towards real people, who pay the salaries of these collaborationist EUGramscian bastards, by force.

For example, what would an intelligent space-alien from Tharg make of “Head of Cancer Commissioning”, if he/it fetched up in the forecourt of an oncology hospital (if we have any left)? (Space aliens are never female, sorry.)

I also shudder to think what a “Tobacco Control Worker” actually does, and what equipment he/she/it deploys.

Is this true?

David Davis

From The Remittance Man we learn this: householders will be visited by bureaucrats dispensing advice (here’s the original source) about cooking with leftovers…..

Sometimes we here, on whichever of the duty-typwriting squadrons is on “watch”, are tempted to emulate the language of Obnoxio The Clown, or the Devil himself. (He’s uncovered a previously unstudied State-Bogus-Charity in that one…Obnoxio’s latest just refers to some bureucrat or other as a c*** . )

But this is a family blog, so, apart from saying shit and crap which is rather weak playground stuff now, we only go so far as to merely write f*** (sometimes even c*** these days.) And also we only show pictures of Keeley Hazell wearing bras (until we get bored with her and we go and get someone else. Possibly Lucy Pinder – anybody got any preferences? See poll below. If in doubt, go here and select someone else.)

To get back to the point, the government is bust, the main world’s private banks have feverishly bought themselves into virtual bankruptcy by queuing for 15 years to buy each others “securitised” pigs-in-pokes, Gordon Brown is printing money….and then they all go and spend it on what? Food-police. Here’s an exerpt:-

Home cooks will also be told what size portions to prepare, taught to understand “best before” dates and urged to make more use of their freezers.

The door-to-door campaign, which starts tomorrow, will be funded by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), a Government agency charged with reducing household waste.

The officials will be called “food champions”. However, they were dismissed last night as “food police” by critics who called the scheme an example of “excessive government nannying”.

WE MUST ALSO BEAR IN MIND THAT THIS IS ! “ALL ABOUT PROPERTY RIGHTS” !  People who have purchased food are entitled to dispose of it how it pleases them. The bought food DOES NOT become State Property: it belongs to the householder.

No bureaucrats yet come round to tell you not to throw a brick at your Wireless Tele Vision, thus rendering it at least partially if not fully unserviceable, whenever Jonathan Ross come on screen: why should they come and tell you what to do with food whiche displeases you?

It’s all very sad: it’s as if the poor government buggers just can’t kick the gravy-train (sorry) habit, even when there’s really no money, as opposed to just the appearance of no money.

Let’s hear it for the Decaying-Rubbish-Police…..pooooooooooo….

David Davis

And…..what if you don’t want to actually hand over your food waste to the Soviet, for “recycling”…but you want to do it yourself?

We compost ours, thus dutifully adding to our carbon footprint (as you ought to, the plants can’t live on fresh-air, you know!) and then dig the sttuff into the soil a year later. Removing our right to this would deprive us here of a valuable “resource”, and also incidentally of our paid-for property…

They may be rotting bananas, but threy’re OUR rotting bananas.

Why not email some questions to these people? They’re in bed with the government, literally.

I mean, Gordon won’t answer the ones you’ve all sent to Downing Street, now, will he. So try this one for size.

David Davis

Via Guido, we here have learned that there’s been a cosy bit of stuff going on, that looks much more like “cash for questions” even than “cash for questions” ever did look like itself! How about that there then? Not only have Morgan Allen Moore seemed to have been rather more cosily tucked up in bed with Peter Hain than was supposed to have been allowed: but …. Steve Morgan’s missus runs this lot here, and boasts or has boasted of “influencing decisions at ministerial level”.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……… So YOU agree to pay them several grand (or more? I don’t know, these days…) per month as a “fee” for “press and media relations activities”, and THEY will pretend that they “influence decisions” for you? Hmmmm? What’s this called? Pluralist liberal democracy or what?

This is not “cash for questions”: it is not even as harmless as “cash for honours”. This is “cash for distorting the will of the people”. Who do all these f****rs think that they are, for God’s sake?

The MAM client page is “currently being updated”. Glad to see the guys are still so optimistic. Oh, and this just in… awfully interesting about STeve Morgan and his relationship as “international spokesman” and THE Welsh public relations guru behind Barack Obama’s US presidential campaign” to the Obama Campaign.

The SD Environmental Solutions page says: “Do you have a question you would like to ask? If so, contact us! (Go on, do it!) Let’s all ask them stuff about greenazis, Al Gore, climate change, how government will tax us more based on falsifications of data, and the like. Keep the wastrels busy, on their laptops and phones, for they’ve nowt else worth doing as they’re just a mouth and an arsehole, for processing money raised in taxation from all of us.

What a ******* waste of good Gold

David Davis

I was overcome with mirth. Sorry.

There are poor-people out there. Some have run out of money, others have banks which have imploded: all owing to the sort of shysters and mediabuggers who idolise (more) regulation of banks and money-trades, who revere stalinism, who promote redistribution (of poor-people’s money), who force dis-education (on other people’c shildren), who laud the erasure of civilised culture, and who adhere to the pre-capitalist-barbarian cult of enemy-class-celebrity.

50Kg of 18-Ct gold is worth, at a rough go, upwards of £500,000. Not counting the copper or silver. Yep. Of course…..if distributed among the world’s “poor”, each one would get about 0.00001p. That’s not the point. “It sends the wrong message” – to pick up an enemy’s weapon. Anyway, it’s of some young woman called “Kate Moss” (who’s Kate Moss?)

Im famous for being famous.

I'm famous for being famous.

Ummm……is it my imagination, or is that a “sex”-position in which fascist feminazi lefties and other such vermin like to imagine that a woman is being f****d? The problem with the female’s legs and thighs too wide apart at the groin, is that the male can’t feel anything, while thrusting, the frenulum cannot respond (connected as it ts to the brain) and no orgasm and thus no conception will therefore occur.

But I don’t think they see it like that.

(Anyway, her breasts are too small.)