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A reminder about what Keeley Hazell doesn’t want you to undergo


If you have arrived here by accident on a google-search, being a young white man with no hair (WHY the f*** do you all have no hair? It makes you look to the left as if yoo wozz Nazis) who wants a shag with a beautiful girl, we can’t provide it.


But we CAN tell you why your government is a rotten load of Nazi scumbags headed by “Jacqui” “Smith”,  of Hertford College, Oxford University, (not Oxford Brookes, sadly, which pretends to be, wish she’d come from there instead) the “second-home-secretary” (not Gordon Brown, he can’t see, and so he can’t type, and so he can’t be in charge), and who want your DNA if you own a white W-reg Vauxhall Corsa, have no hair, and want a shag, and if you live in High Park.

You’d better ask where High Park is, next. It is where the burgulators burgulate from.